A MARBLE AFFAIR Featuring Bianca Ingrosso

Polished marbles and their sculptural patterns are the very definition of timeless beauty. As an ode to the precious material used and adored since antiquity, we have translated it into a collection of classic, yet fashion-forward accessories. From sleek to playful, the signature texture makes each design a unique piece of art.

Carrara Gold

Carrara marble is quarried in Tuscany and has been used in sculpture and architecture since antiquity, so it is the very definition of timeless. The golden highlights in this variation adds a unique touch, and harmonizes beautifully with the gold details of the case design.

Outer Space Agate

The flamboyant case is inspired by agate rock and its extraordinary features. Grey, white and golden details merge in this eye-catching design, making this ancient rock type feel modern and contemporary.

Golden Swirl

With a unique combination of luxurious golden elements and a white marble background, this exclusive design is nothing short of magic. White and gold is a popular color combination for good reason… It elevates virtually any look in an instant! Golden Swirl is a real eye catcher that will quickly become a new favorite in your accessory wardrobe.

Golden Jade Marble

This case is inspired by the deep moss green tones of the jade stone and luxurious golden and white marble details. The combination of colors and the asymmetrical pattern form an art deco-like pastiche of different stones, giving the case a novel and cutting-edge look.


12 June 2019

Summer Brunch with Sania Claus Demina

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31 May 2019


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27 May 2019

Therése Lindgren x iDeal of Sweden

The ‘Dreamy Silk’ design particularly captures the essence of the collection and is a personal favourite of Therése’s. Instead of working with prints, she opted to use the beauty of different textures....

iDeal Of Sweden

Saffiano Case

A rich, leather-like texture lies at the heart of the classic Saffiano case.

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