German influencer and globetrotter @debiflue currently has over 1 million followers on Instagram, where she shares dreamy photos from her travels to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. We’re also in awe of her gorgeous wardrobe and lifestyle inspiration. Debi began blogging as a hobby in 2013 to share her adventures with friends and family, and her following has grown rapidly ever since. The famous jet setter’s collection for IDEAL OF SWEDEN consists of four cases that allow Debi’s fun-loving personality and love for travel to shine through!

Debi Flügge x iDeal of Sweden

Playful and adventurous without compromising style and design – iDeal Of Sweden’s collaboration with German influencer Debi Flügge is here!

Debi, better known as @debiflue on social media, is an influencer and globetrotter with over one million followers on Instagram, where she regularly shares dreamy photos from her travels around the world, along with fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

In addition to managing her social media channels and various other creative ventures, Debi runs her own jewelry brand and has designed several clothing collections.

Debi’s collection for iDeal Of Sweden clearly showcases her bubbly personality and love for travel. She describes the collection as girly and adventurous. Each case is adorned with gorgeous, whimsical patterns, including stars, hearts, and flowers.

27-year-old Debi was born and raised in Germany, where she studied management and economics before making a name for herself on social media. She launched her blog in 2013 when she lived in Cape Town and wanted to share her experiences with family and friends. During this time, Debi began to post more frequently on Instagram, and her following grew rapidly. Today, Debi has over one million Instagram followers. She describes her channel as "a mix of travel and fashion. Happy vibes only!

”A mix of travel and fashion. Happy vibes only!”

”Always be true to yourself, and never stop working for your dreams”

“They are so different, but I love them both!”