28 February, 2019

The Bianca effect

Designer, entrepreneur and influencer – Bianca Ingrosso has many talents and is inspiring women of all ages with her go-getter attitude, unbreakable honesty and effortless beauty. We invited the young power woman to be the new face of iDeal of Sweden, chatting with her about her goals, challenges, and how she manages her work and personal life while being in public eye.

Bianca loves that her collaboration with iDeal of Sweden is easy-going and uncomplicated. “We always have a good vibe and time together, which leads to great things and exciting outcomes (…). It feels amazing to be the ambassador for iDeal of Sweden this year.” After working together for nearly 2.5 years, Bianca feels the collaboration is authentic and a natural next step. “I like being able to switch my case depending on my mood and outfit. It feels genuine just mixing and matching them all,” she explains.

We are proud to welcome Bianca as the new face of iDeal of Sweden and are excited to highlight Bianca’s natural self,

creating a story filled with personality, honesty and simplicity.

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